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Graphics  Designers at WBE have a vital role in the success of Expo, our partners, customers and the larger blockchain community. Clear, stylish presentation that aids the user experience of our products is how we raise the bar and reach the widest audience. Real content and information will be at the core of the designs you produce. You know the ins and outs of typography, colour and layout, and you care deeply about usability, accessibility and web standards. You should have agency, company or freelance design experience.

What is World Blockchain Expo ?

The World Blockchain Expo (WBE) is the largest gathering of its kind in the region which brings together blockchain technology experts from the global scene to discuss/showcase New Technologies and Highlight a series of Ongoing and Upcoming projects in the blockchain real.

This high caliber event boasts of world renowned speakers from the UAE, USA, GERMANY, UK, RUSSIA, ESTONIA, SAUDI ARABIA, GIBRALTER, HONG KONG, GEORGIA to mention a few.
The WBE will also host hundreds of blockchain enthusiasts and has wowed in several Journalists, Top Bloggers and Media coverage set in place to trigger full coverage of the event along with a live stream feed to ensure all individuals with interest in blockchain globally can also experience the event on a variety of media platforms as an alternative to participating in person.