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5 Reasons to attend World Blockchain Expo (WBE)

World Blockchain Expo (WBE) is a blockchain expo 2023 region’s leading blockchain dedicated business event and gathering of some of the most renowned mindset of fintech & other industries and blockchain startups who will discuss about the future blockchain applications and showcase the out of the box blockchain based products and services. visionaries will talk about cutting-edge case studies on ‘how to do everything blockchain’ which will cover various industries of finance, insurance, media, logistics etc. As we have mentioned before, there are literally hundreds of the reason to attend one of the world’s largest blockchain event but we are going to highlight some most noticeable one right below and most people around the world can’t wait crypto expo Miami 2023.

World’s leading blockchain-specific event

World Blockchain Expo (WBE) is the  largest blockchain-specific business event. You won’t find any co-located side events and anything which is not related to blockchain technology. All people who are gathering on 17th October at Atlantis Palm, are purely focused on the blockchain. Which means that there will be a lot to learn if your main concern is blockchain. Hence, if you are curious blockchain enthusiast and get to know the technology more, specifically blockchain, it is the right place for you. World Blockchain Expo (WBE) is going to be the largest and most interactive & intuitive blockchain event world has ever seen before. It is considered one of the blockchain expo 2022 and most people around the world can’t wait to see crypto expo Miami 2023.

World Blockchain Expo

3000+ qualify attendees

At World Blockchain Expo (WBE) will meet not one or two but three thousand plus curious blockchain individuals. You will never see such a large gathering of blockchain individuals, investors, tech visionaries and journalists. All of these are attendees are from different industries and of the different level where you can interact and network with them. These individual attendees will be the key part of the World Blockchain Expo 2022 (WBE) as they are the one who will bring the variety of questions and discuss the solution from various industries. We would like you to be the part of the largest blockchain-dedicated expo.

As investors, World Blockchain Expo (WBE) will be an ultimate opportunity to find new ventures. For blockchain startups, the expo will be playing the key role to fund their business and streamline the business model. If you are an individual, the expo will be the great learning opportunity. We want you to become the part of the largest gathering of the blockchain enthusiast and start your own blockchain journey in our conference in crypto expo Miami 2023.

Erudite speakers

As we mentioned unique and exceptional content and these speakers are the ones who are going to create it. There will be 40+ tech visionaries from across the globe. Most of them are the founder and CEO of the most renowned blockchain startups and businesses. For instance, Michael Gaffney, Chairman, and CEO of Leonovus, Leonovus Inc. a hybrid and multi-cloud blockchain based storage provider.

The company is also listed on Canadian stock exchange. Other leaders include Ransu Salovaara CEO of Token Market, Token Market. The token market is one of the leading crypto exchange & trading platforms that deal with ICOs tokens and related news. Simon Eischen, Financial Advisor of ConnectJob, Paul Neuner Co-Founder, Chairman of Telcoin, Dmitri Moiseev, Co-Founder and CEO of Naviaddress, Marco Robinson Founder at NKD Technologies, and Aytunc Ozturk, Founder & Ceo of Developer, are few more to name

Exceptional content

Instead of driven by existing knowledge and information available in books or on websites, the World Blockchain Expo (WBE) will be driven by the all-new real-life solutions that current business organizations are facing and the content that has never been published or exposed to anywhere. The expert speakers in blockchain expo 2023 are going to discuss the various issues and technological hurdle on deploying the blockchain technology in various fields of different industries. The solution to most of them will also be discussed and debate over the popular topics. The investors will get benefited from all new cryptocurrencies and ICO investment strategy that crypto sphere has never seen before & will also find some of the most innovative blockchain projects to park their money. Whether you are blockchain expert, investor, entrepreneur or corporate body, the World Blockchain Expo (WBE) will be the perfect place to be in to get the glimpse latest and future adoption of blockchain technology

Interactive and tangible exhibition & discussion

Apart from being a conference of erudite speakers, there will be several demonstrations from different blockchain startups describing the blockchain application in various fields. You will be able to feel the power and convenience of the blockchain and get to know how the future is looming around the blockchain technologies. There will be the showcase of several initiatives conducted by corporate bodies and profound speech of their CEO or tech officers regarding their projects. When it comes to discussion, everyone will be able to question the speaker and some can even discuss the blockchain-related topics with them in person depending on the type of tickets you are carrying. There will be the discussion on coffee and anybody can meet anyone to discuss the variety of topics. At last, the debate will also take place and you will be able to see the tech visionaries putting their thoughts and giving insights on the particular topic. Feel free to ask and investigate anyone from the team about the crypto expo Miami 2023.