What to expect from World Blockchain Expo

World Blockchain Expo – WBE is region’s leading blockchain technology event and part of the series of world’s largest gathering blockchain enthusiast. It is one day conference, exhibition, and expo where 3000+ blockchain enthusiasts, 40 tech visionaries and 21 different countries will take part to discuss the blockchain applications in various industries and though main focus will be on Fintech development

Why World Blockchain Expo?

The World Blockchain Expo (WBE) is the largest gathering of its kind in the region which brings together blockchain technology experts from the global scene to discuss/showcase New Technologies and Highlight a series of Ongoing and Upcoming projects in the blockchain real.

This high caliber event boasts of world renowned speakers from the UAE, USA, GERMANY, UK, RUSSIA, ESTONIA, SAUDI ARABIA, GIBRALTER, HONG KONG, GEORGIA to mention a few.
The WBE will also host hundreds of blockchain enthusiasts and has wowed in several Journalists, Top Bloggers and Media coverage set in place to trigger full coverage of the event along with a live stream feed to ensure all individuals with interest in blockchain globally can also experience the event on a variety of media platforms as an alternative to participating in person.

Who Should Attend?

The Miami blockchain expo will target the attendees from across the globe. There will be the participant from twenty-one different countries and journalist to cover the conference. Till now three thousand plus local and international attendees have registered and bought tickets. We have invited 40+ blockchain & fintech visionaries and leaders from other industries as well. The number of corporate bodies will be presented there to adopt the new concepts and create blockchain projects. Revolutionary blockchain startup will be presenting their ideas and prototypes and potential investors picking the best one to start ventures. Individuals who are keen to learn about blockchain and its application in various industries will also be presented interact with expert speakers and other knowledgeable attendees.

February 30th 2023
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World Blockchain Expo presenting blockchain technology

Gain inspiration from blockchain technology leaders

The key to the future for the blockchain communities and the blockchain based startup as various leaders from the different domain will speak on the variety of topics and the discussion may further help entrepreneurs to take their blockchain business to the next feat

The expo will also bring an opportunity for blockchain business owners, start-ups and individuals who are thinking about moving their businesses on blockchain by means of funding opportunities and expert guidance

Find value as partners in blockchain technology

In the last few years, along with an astounding development of blockchain technology, the World Blockchain Expo (WBE) has also grown exponentially in knowledge-rich content, the audience from across the globe and speaker from various industries

The World Blockchain Expo (WBE) will highly focus on unearthing the never-discovered idea, concepts, blockchain solutions and product.
It will also be an exceptional opportunity to create the potential network with blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders etc.

  • World Blockchain Expo (WBE) is part of the largest Blockchain-dedicated event series in the World. There will be no side-events
  • All World Blockchain Expo (WBE) audience will be highly focused on the blockchain technology, non-fungible token, Metaverse, Crypto Exchange
  • Whether you are investors, blockchain entrepreneur or just curious individual, here in World Blockchain Expo you will be feeling the valued of Blockchain
World Blockchain Expo presenting blockchain technology

World Blockchain Exp (WBE) gathered the brightest minds in the tech world. Learn new skills and get
insights from experts and practitioners from all around!

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